Black Truffle Slices - Carpaccio
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Black Truffle Slices - Carpaccio

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Not only is the delicate fragrance that characterized the black truffle captured in this unique selection, but, when finely sliced, it also meets an aesthetic demand made by haute cuisine, as the unmistakable black color of this valuable tuber makes for a wonderful accent.

Carpaccio truffles by Borgo de Medici are thinly sliced Italian summer truffles immersed in rich sunflower oil. The elegant garnish is packed with a mild, delicate earthy aroma with nuances of porcini mushrooms, garlicky undertones, and a slight chocolate-like aftertaste. 

Truffles are the rarest gastronomic pleasure, an ambrosial ingredient, loved and prized for their sophisticated flavor profile. Due to their hypersensitivity to climate, truffles are extremely hard to harvest and are even harder to collect since they grow under the trees. However, Italy is home to nearly nine different varieties of truffles, including fabled White Alba truffles - the most expensive fungi in the world.

Borgo de Medici is a family-owned Tuscan brand established in 1999! The brand is dedicated to preserving and popularizing Italian gastronomic heritage by providing a wide assortment of authentic products made in Tuscany. Ranging from classic Italian pasta, honey, truffle condiments to savory snacks and sweet baked treats, you will find everything you need to bring authentic Tuscan aromas straight to your kitchen with Borgo de Medici!

Carpaccio truffles by Borgo de Medici are delicious ready-to-serve appetizers, bound to take your bruschetta and crostini toasts to the next level. Feel free to incorporate the enchantingly earthy aroma of Italian summer truffles in your favorite pasta dishes, salads, pizza, or even breakfast omelets - simply sprinkle some on top and enjoy!

  • Ingredient: Summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.), sunflower oil, salt, flavor.
  • Product Weight: 3 oz (85 g)
  • Product of Italy

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