Apolis Tea (assorted blends)
Apolis Tea

Apolis Tea (assorted blends)

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Welcome to Apolis Craft Tea, where tea becomes an art.  With 25 combined years in the tea industry, we've mastered the delicate balance of blending artistry and the science of sourcing premium teas and ingredients.
Our commitment goes beyond tea; it's about building reliable relationships based on trust and old-fashioned values. At Apolis Craft Tea, we celebrate craftsmanship. We collaborate with artisan producers to create teas that offer tradition with a dash of uniqueness.
While we honor tea's rich history, we embrace innovation by exploring new ingredients and partnering with producers who use biodynamic or organic farming practices.
Join us in the world of Apolis Craft Tea, where every cup is an invitation to experience tea as an art form. We can't wait to share our passion with you.

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