MighTEA Women of Herstory VarieTEA Sampler
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MighTEA Women of Herstory VarieTEA Sampler

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They say the future is female! So, shouldn't your tea be too. Our "MighTEA Women of Herstory" VariTEA pack contains some of the most amazing women to grace our planet and some amazing tea. 20pk Cube - In a 100% recycled plastic retail gift cube. 100pk Bulk - in zipper bag. Organic & KSA Kosher, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO. Each sampler contains a mix of:

*Agatha ChrisTEA - Earl Grey - (Caffeinated)

*Amy TeaHouse - Jade Genmaicha - (Caffeinated)

*Araminta Ross (Harriet Tubman) - Spicy Orange Spearmint - (Caffeine Free) (Not Vegan)

*Marie Curie - Radiant Hibiscus - (Caffeine Free)

*Ruth Bader Ginseng (RBG) - Lemon Ginseng Green Tea - (Caffeinated)

* FriTÉ Khalo: Watermelon Rose Hibiscus (Caffeine Free).

* Florence NighTEAngale: Night Time Tea (Caffeine Free).

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