The Sophisticate Gift Box
Appanoose Rapids Mercantile

The Sophisticate Gift Box

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Cultured and cosmopolitan, you'll find refinement in The Sophisticate. This box features six soaps from our latest collection with an alluring array of floral scents in strikingly elegant designs. 

Each box includes these six soaps and comes in our beautiful signature Appanoose Rapids Mercantile + Woodberry Co. gift box:

  1. Bliss  Spicy, energetic, with a peppermint punch.

  2. Sunrise — Rise and shine with shimmering gold. With pops of floral and just enough lemon, it’s the perfect way to welcome a new day.

  3. Orange Blossom — Orange,  Clary Sage, and Ylang Ylang oils make this bar fresh and florally like wandering through a flower garden.

  4. Pucker Up — Mouthwatering, fresh, and vibrant.  The citrus notes and earthy rosemary is like walking through an herb garden after a summer rain.

  5. Jubilee — Awaken your inner showgirl and celebrate with dazzling geranium and show-stopping orange.

  6. Inner Peace — Lavender, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Geranium. This understated beautiful bar smells clean and relaxing. Close your eyes and breathe, you’ve finally found your inner peace.

*Soaps in this box do not come individually wrapped. 

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