All these fiction stories are exactly that: Fiction. Characters, events, names of persons and places, are either complete fiction or used in a fictitious manner. Martins Landing is a faithful rendition of typical East Texas Piney Woods crossroads communities of the fabulous 1950’s. Nacogdoches is alive and well, despite occasional reports to the contrary. One of the buttons above will take you to Shine’s current on-line short story, which he is providing free to give readers a sample of his writing. These free stories will be changed periodically. Free to read, but we retain all copyrights. This Site is now going into the third year of operation. We are especially proud to provide free reading of selected short stories and excerpts of released publications. Shine’s works are now available world-wide from Amazon and other fine vendors, as Ebooks, with some also in print form.  © A & R Mercantile 2012-2014 The Chronicler of East Texas, Nacogdoches County, and the fictional Martins Landing Community life of the fabulous 1950’s.  A & R Mercantile Agents and Publishers Welcome To the Home of Writer and World Traveler Shine LeFlur   Fiction bloggers, book clubs, and reviewers who have a recognized web presence may email us for no-charge review copies of published work. Also, Shine says we will send a PDF sample (E-mail attachment) similar to these free stories to qualified sites that allow free member reader story downloads for personal use. NO GUARANTEES!